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Certainly by Season-5 Certainly :iconseason-5:Season-5 122 30 Oblivion by borda Oblivion :iconborda:borda 363 16 With the Winds by IndigoSummerr With the Winds :iconindigosummerr:IndigoSummerr 45 5 Magnolia-2 by EKukanova Magnolia-2 :iconekukanova:EKukanova 269 27
Mistletoe Mishaps - Spencer Reid X Reader
“Morgan, I swear to what god is left I will kill you. Stand down.”
You held your hands out, shielding yourself from the deadly weapon Derek held in his hands. It was the most terrifying thing you had witnessed in all of your years in the BAU… Mistletoe. He held it out above his head as Garcia cackled loudly, her phone in her hand.
Of course she’d record your misery.
“What’s the matter, BatGirl? Can’t handle the love?” Morgan teases, stepping forward again.
As always you were spending Christmas in the office, it wasn’t that bad, considering someone had managed to sneak some form of alcohol in.
Prentiss was by the traitorous, and lovely, Garcia; making sure she held the phone at the right angle. Hell, even Hotchner was smiling as you backed into a desk.
Much to your, and everyone else’s, disappointment, Spencer had retreated to the kitchen for a short while.
“Morgan! I don’t want to kiss you! Who knows where that mou
:icondown-one-juice:Down-One-Juice 137 16
the escape by Mystic-Oracle the escape :iconmystic-oracle:Mystic-Oracle 148 2 Fuji by janapka Fuji :iconjanapka:janapka 63 11 . by invisigoth88 . :iconinvisigoth88:invisigoth88 126 12
Reunited (Spencer Reid X Reader)
You struggled and kicked at the man, your hands pinned down by his weight. You had heard of the serial killer who was targeting young women such as yourself, but you weren’t too worried as the news had said that he only targeted women who were alone. Unfortunately for yourself, your roommate had gone out to a party last minute, and now here you were, in your college dorm, fighting for your life.
You called out for help and wiggled as much as you could, but no one came. You cursed yourself; of course no one came to your aid. The party that your roommate had went to was a dance and you were pretty sure everyone but yourself was attending.
Then suddenly the door burst open, revealing two men with bulletproof vests on. One was muscular and had dark skin and the other had brown hair and pale skin.
“Peter, let the girl go.” The muscular man said in a calm voice. The man who was pinning you to the floor, Peter, suddenly forced you up, making it so that you were his human shi
:iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 521 91
Blackmail Material - Spencer Reid x Reader
“Oh, come on, Y/N, I don’t need to be a profiler to see it. It’s written all over your face every time you look at him.” Emily grinned evilly.
“Oh God, really?” Spencer couldn’t know you liked him. Like, like-liked him. Loved him? You weren’t good at terming those words. You mean, he was adorable and sweet and funny and smart and caring and cute and God oh God you were thinking about him again. You wrenched your attention back to Emily, who had a knowing look on her face.
“Just tell him.” Emily took you by the shoulders. “I guarantee he feels the same way.”
“You can’t possibly know that.”
“Then go ask the guy who knows everything.” Emily smiled. “We just want you to be happy, Y/N.”
“Wait, who’s this ‘we’ that you’re talking about?”
You noticed that the rest of the team (
:iconblairdiggory:blairdiggory 208 28
Time in a Bottle (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Authoress' Note:  A request from DrapperSky on AO3 where this is also posted ^_^ hope you enjoy <3 I don't own Criminal Minds, you or the song Time In A Bottle by Jim Croce
If I could save time in a bottle
The first thing that I'd like to do
Is to save every day till eternity passes away
Just to spend them with you
"Morgan,  you and Prentiss go through the back. Rossi and I will take the front; Reid, you and [Last Name] take either side." you all nod in affirmation and get into position. You make faces at Reid as the two of you part ways.
You're the newest team member, you've already been with the team for two years and you've gotten quite close to the shy genius of the team. No matter how Morgan teases the two of you, you've told yourself that you're never going to tell Reid of your growing feelings for him because he probably doesn't feel the same and that would make work a tense place. You can't afford to make things strained between you and your team mates.
:iconkhraddict:KHRaddict 89 4
Jello (Spencer Reid X Reader)
Why did he invite you in again?
Spencer glared at you, you were sitting on the couch beside him, innocently skimming through one of the books that had been on his coffee table. You pretended not to notice his look, and you tried your damned hardest to keep the smirk off your face.
It had been about an hour since both of you had entered the young genius’s apartment. You two worked for the FBI, or more specifically the BAU and after work, Spencer had offered that you both get some food from an ‘awesome Indian restaurant that was open all night’.
Who were you to deny spending some time with the loveable genius?
Now, Spencer may have been regretting letting you into his home.
Why you may ask?
Because you keep stealing his Jell-O.
If there was one thing anyone knew about Spencer was that he loved gelatin. The sugary sweet confection was his weakness and he wasn’t very willing to share with others as you have learned tonight.
When he had gotten himself a s
:iconvioletsunset16:VioletSunset16 142 16


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